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Yin Yoga foundations (30 hrs) certification


In April 2016 I’ve spent 2 weekends (and 2 Friday afternoons) with a bunch of enthusiastic yogins in Brussels studying anatomy and yin yoga postures with Joe Barnett.

20160410_184355Not only did we have a lot of fun while doing it, we’ve learned so much in little time. Joe is a very experienced and fun teacher who made the sometimes complex human body a very interesting topic to say the least. He taught us about the important differences that exist in each and everyone and that every human body is unique and to respect this uniqueness. The TTC was incredibly complimentary to the yin yoga TTC I’ve taken with Sarah Powers in 2014.

yinAll in all, I’m very grateful to have been able to study with Joe and the other yogins and look forward to share this teachings (and his teacher Paul Grilley’s teaching) with my students.

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Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति

Author: Ambika Yoga

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2 thoughts on “Yin Yoga foundations (30 hrs) certification

  1. I was thinking about doing the course and am now really gutted to have missed it. I love Sarah Powers approach to yoga immensly, so I will keep an eye out when an opportunity arises again to work with one of these teachers. Glad you had such a great time!

    • Hi Bettina, it was awesome! Completely complimentary to Sarah’s TTC. The anatomy and individual body analyses and approaches were very enlightening. I sure hope you’ll have the chance to study with Joe at some point. Om Shanti

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