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New: Wednesday lunchtime Sivananda yoga class in Etterbeek

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IMG_1832Ambika announces a brand new Sivananda yoga class on Wednesday at lunchtime in Etterbeek !

Ambika is joining forces with The Happy Body studio in Etterbeek. I’ll give a weekly 60 minute Sivananda hatha yoga class on Wednesdays, starting September 14, 2016.  The class starts at 1PM, doors open at 12:45PM.

If you are looking for the perfect way to break up your day: do yoga at lunchtime. You’ll feel reinvigorated and full of energy to tackle the rest of your day. Moreover, you’ll have your evening free for other activities.

SG - 2016-septembre-05-001-2-weboutEach class will follow the same flow: initial relaxation, Pranayama, sun salutations, several asanas and final relaxation. Beginners, intermediate & advanced students are welcome to join the class.

Please bring comfortable yoga clothes and if possible a small blanket or sweater for the relaxation. Mats are provided. There is a nearby Villo station and several bus stops.

The view on the Jubelpark/ Parc Cinquantenaire is included ;-).

TheHappyBodyOther practical info:
Don’t eat a heavy meal at least 2 hours prior to coming to class. You can eat a banana or something similar up to an hour before class.

More information about proper exercise according to Swami Sivananda

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति

Author: Ambika Yoga

Ambika Yoga is about the 5 points of yoga: proper exercise, proper breathing, relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking & meditation. Want to feel energized with a healthy body & mind? Come and join the classes !

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