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Instant Pot discovery and recipes Ⓥ

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I gave myself the gift of the Instant Pot. Initially I wanted to get a rice/ quinoa cooker but was advised to get an Instant Pot as it’s not much more expensive and very versatile and useful.

My first experiences have been very positive. Obviously I’ve made rice (1 cup of rice, 1 cup of water & some salt if wished), done in 3 minutes on high pressure manual mode (with 10 extra minutes to release the steam naturally) ! Incredible.

Furthermore, I’ve made this spicy eggplant dish (one of my all time favourite veggies), I ate it with pasta. It turned out super soft and perfect to season, stir fry or roast with very little to no oil after.

Then I prepared kale. All done in 3 minutes on high manual pressure mode (need time to release naturally or quick release).

Last week I’ve been making soup using the soup program on the cooker. It’s super simple. Just use the sauté mode to fry onion, garlic, garlic (if used) and then cancel, add the vegetable stock (most of the times I use 5 cups boiled water with stock powder), add the cut & washed vegetables of choice (ideally stick to 1 color: all green or all orange/ red to avoid a disgustingly colored soup), mix & close the pot. Choose the soup mode & come back 30 minutes later, let the steam release naturally or with quick release, mix with your immersion blender and voilà. My discoveries: broccoli, fennel & potato soup; leek, rocket salad & potato soup; endives & potato soup. All my soups include 1 or 2 onions, 1 or 2 cloves of garlic and 2 medium sized potatoes. I often add a dash of tamari & salt & black pepper when serving the soup. It’s nice to add nutritional yeast when you drink your soup.

Next up: making a stew. So I looked up lots of Instant Pot recipes, there is so much out there, it’s amazing. I make this lentil stew with kale & sweet potato, again delicious & so simpel! It was utterly delicious.

Some great sources of inspiration: Vegan Richa, Edgy Veg, there’s a Facebook group, Stingy Vegan.

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