Sivananda yoga classes in Brussels & Amsterdam

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Gift idea for the winter holidays: special discount on Jazz Max slowjuicer

JAZZ MAXAre you looking for a great and useful gift for yourself or your loved ones? Looking to consume more vegetables & fruits in an easier way to stay or become more healthy?

Order the Jazz Max slowjuicer through me before 31/12/2018 and enjoy an exclusive discount of 10%.

There are several models available:

  • Uno: 247,50€ – juicer only
  • JazzMax white: 310,50€ – multi-fonctions
  • JazzMax chrome: 324€ – multi-fonctions

Read more about the wonderful aspects of the slowjuicer in a previous blogpost.

I can organise a group order as well (as from 2 juicers) with a more interesting price.

The juicer comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Order your juicer today or send an inquiry via mail.

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति


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Health discovery day at Sampoorna Yoga Studio

Join a session at the Sampoorna Health Discovery Day with Visiting Teachers

Sampoorna Health is a selection of holistic treatments that support your well-being, available at the studio during the day.

The Sampoorna Health Discovery Day is an opportunity to try out one or more treatments in small “sampler portions” of 30 minutes, at a friendly price of 20 euros/session.

You can choose from:

  • Ayurveda Massage, with Katrien Maes
  • Energy Healing, with Kris Depotter
  • Life & Well-Being Coaching, with Caroline Griffith
  • Restorative Yoga Therapeutics, with Caroline Griffith
  • Foot Reflexology, with Stefanie Van der Elst

Date/ time: Friday 24 November, from 12:30-18:00

Advance booking of your mini-treatments is advised.

For booking, visit our site ; select a Sample Session and the therapist, and continue to booking.

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Slow juicing & smoothie workshop in Brussels on 18 March 2017

Enjoy your fruits & vegetables in a whole new way!
On Saturday 18 March I organize a slow juicing & smoothie workshop with all organic ingredients.

 JAZZ MAXWant to learn about the art of juicing, making smoothies, preparing fresh organic pestos, purees, smoothies and more?
We will be using the JazzMax slow juicer & powerful Vitamix blender to make different delicacies. During the workshop you’ll discover the ins & outs of juicing and blending, which vegetable and fruit combinations work best, when to juice, how to prepare, how to clean, how to store. As well as how to make your own nut milk & butters, veggie spreads, pesto and smoothies.
Date & time: Saturday 18 March, 2-5PM
: Jette, Brussels (exact address will be communicated upon your reservation)
Price: 40€
The price includes workshop, all organic ingredients, and the opportunity to buy a Jazz Max juicer with a special discount. 
Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति

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My favorite recipe of 2016: warming lentil-coconut soup Ⓥ

spicy-lentil-soupCooking, no actually eating is my passion 🙂 Vegan food obviously. I love to discover new recipes, restaurants, chefs, cook books, … Last year I’ve posted quite a few of my own recipes on this blog, however I forgot to mention one of my favorite recipes of 2016: it’s a delicious, warming, spicy soup by the talented chef Angela from Oh She Glows. It’s remarkably easy to make and requires very few ingredients. Basically it’s my go to recipe when I don’t have time to do grocery shopping or cooking, but want to fill my tummy with some healthy and happy food. I guess I make it once a month. All the guests I’ve served the soup to were really enthusiastic as well.

Discover the recipe & mouth watering pictures on Angela’s blog. Bon appétit !

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति

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Practice yoga cleansing exercises, kriyas

In yoga several cleansing methods (kriyas) are used to help the body get rid of toxins and waste products to, in short, keep the body healthy.

tongue-scraperAyurveda, the ancient science of self-healing, prescribes a daily routine as this plays a very important part in your overall health. This routine includes the cleansing of your tongue, after having examined it. Use a tongue scraper to clean it and also massage the tongue and all it’s correlated internal organs. Try to do this daily and observe the changes in your oral health.


jala netiAnother very important practice is jala neti. I wrote a blog post about it some years ago and it’s still very accurate. Obviously the information comes from the great classic Sanskrit manual on hatha yoga: Hatha Yoga Pradipika as well as the ayurvedic science and continues to prove it’s value to human health.
In short, by practicing jala neti daily, you’ll clean the passageways of air in the head and help avoid any conditions of the sinuses, allergies or hay fever. As we’re approaching the flu and cold season, I strongly advise yoga practitioners to practice jala neti cleansing daily. You’ll also feel that your Pranayama will be much easier.

  • If you live in Brussels, pick up a tongue scraper and neti pot at Sampoorna Yoga Studio, they’re inexpensive and will give you great benefits for your health and yoga practice.

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति

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Going vegetarian/ vegan workshop in Brussels

aijkema_dsc1148Want to go vegetarian or vegan?

Find out everything you need to know about healthy, balanced, plant-based nutrition.

There are many prejudices and concerns about changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet: Will I get enough protein? Will I be hungry? Will I need supplements? How do I ensure that I get everything I need?

This workshop clarifies such issues and gives tips on a delicious, healthy way of living. Obviously there’ll be several vegan finger foods to try out :-).

When: Saturday 1 October 2016 at 15:00-17:00  => World Vegetarian Day

Teacher: Annemarie Ijkema (Ambika), certified health coach and Sivananda yoga teacher

Price: 30€ (25€ for unemployed/ students)

Location: Sampoorna Yoga Studio, 40 Rue du Houblon/ Hopstraat, 1000 Brussels

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति

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Be happy & healthy through complete wellbeing sessions

  • Ambika certificateDo you want to feel happy and healthy every day?
  • Do you want to feel good about yourself?
  • Do you want to nourish yourself better?
  • Do you want to be physically active in a way you like?
  • Do you believe that health is wealth?

If the answers to 1 or several of the questions are yes, then this blogpost is relevant for you !

I now offer ‘complete wellbeing’ sessions by bringing together the best of the two worlds where I’ve trained in: yoga* and health coaching**. The idea is to make you more conscious and empowered regarding your eating habits and level of physical activity.

20140711_194810A ‘complete wellbeing‘ session comprises of a health coaching session coupled with a yoga session (duration 2 hours approximately). In a typical session we start with the health coaching. I’ll analyze your current situation and we define your goals and objectives that we’ll work on in the following sessions. These sessions will be mostly focused on eating habits and physical activity levels.

We can also use the health coaching sessions for short workshops about healthy eating habits (with practical demonstrations of juicing, smoothie & soup making, …).We end each session with a nice and relaxing hour of hatha yoga.

In between 2 sessions, you’ll strive to keep a food diary, which we’ll analyze during the next session.
Recommended number of sessions required: 5.

The objectives of the ‘complete wellbeing’ sessions are that you will feel well informed, enabled and empowered to make better decisions when it comes to choices on your nutrition and physical activity throughout your life. Most of all, you’ll feel happier and healthier and will continue to do so! 

  • Feel free to contact me for a personalized recommendation and to start your happier and healthier life today !

Sessions can be done in English, Dutch and French at a time and place convenient to you.

* Sivananda Yoga Vedanta TTC, 2012
** Syntra ‘gezondheidscoaching’: 2009-2012