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Gift idea for the winter holidays: special discount on Jazz Max slowjuicer

JAZZ MAXAre you looking for a great and useful gift for yourself or your loved ones? Looking to consume more vegetables & fruits in an easier way to stay or become more healthy?

Order the Jazz Max slowjuicer through me before 31/12/2018 and enjoy an exclusive discount of 10%.

There are several models available:

  • Uno: 247,50€ – juicer only
  • JazzMax white: 310,50€ – multi-fonctions
  • JazzMax chrome: 324€ – multi-fonctions

Read more about the wonderful aspects of the slowjuicer in a previous blogpost.

I can organise a group order as well (as from 2 juicers) with a more interesting price.

The juicer comes with a warranty of 3 years.

Order your juicer today or send an inquiry via mail.

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति


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Some impressions of the latest juicing workshop

20170318-juicingOn 18 March I organised a slow juicing & smoothie workshop in collaboration with Sampoorna Yoga studio. The wonderful Sophie Claeys of the Yoga Bar hosted the workshop in her spacious kitchen and 7 other lovely ladies joined in.

There were 2 slow juicers (JazzMax) and one Vitamix blender working overtime to make the fabulous creations concocted by the attendees. One juice after the other was churned out slowly & deliberately, one more tasty than the other… as it’s all about finding the balance between the right amount of sweet & more tangy or bitter vegetables and fruits as well as the added boosters & kicks as my inspirator Kris Carr calls them.

  • If you wish to organise a slow juicing & smoothie workshop at your home, simply drop me a note. I organise them for groups as from 6 people.

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति


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Slow juicing & smoothie workshop in Brussels on 18 March 2017

Enjoy your fruits & vegetables in a whole new way!
On Saturday 18 March I organize a slow juicing & smoothie workshop with all organic ingredients.

 JAZZ MAXWant to learn about the art of juicing, making smoothies, preparing fresh organic pestos, purees, smoothies and more?
We will be using the JazzMax slow juicer & powerful Vitamix blender to make different delicacies. During the workshop you’ll discover the ins & outs of juicing and blending, which vegetable and fruit combinations work best, when to juice, how to prepare, how to clean, how to store. As well as how to make your own nut milk & butters, veggie spreads, pesto and smoothies.
Date & time: Saturday 18 March, 2-5PM
: Jette, Brussels (exact address will be communicated upon your reservation)
Price: 40€
The price includes workshop, all organic ingredients, and the opportunity to buy a Jazz Max juicer with a special discount. 
Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति

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Exclusive discount on slowjuicer

JAZZ MAXAre you still looking for a great and useful gift for yourself or your loved ones?

Order the JazzMax slowjuicer through me before 25/12/2015 and enjoy an exclusive discount of 10%.

There are 3 models available:

  • Uno: 260€ (juicer only)
  • JazzMax white: 345€ (multi-fonctions)
  • JazzMax chrome: 360€ (multi-fonctions)

Read more about the wonderful aspects of the slowjuicer in a previous blogpost.

Delivery costs in Benelux, Germany and France are +/- 25€, please inquire for other countries. The juicer comes with a warrantee of 3 years.

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति


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Mini juicing workshop in Brussels

Grand Ladies Day at Viage, juicing workshops

It’s today (Saturday 19/12/2015) in Casino Viage ! Join the workshop, try out some of the juices and pesto and buy the JazzMax slowjuicer with a special promotion.

JAZZ MAXAmbika is organising a short demonstration about the art of juicing using a slow juicer. During the workshop you will discover the ins and outs of juicing and blending, which vegetable and fruit combinations work best, when to juice, how to prepare, how to clean, how to store. And of course, you’ll get to try a delicious juice. All ingredients are organic.

The workshop takes places in Casino Viage in the center of Brussels on Saturday 19 December, you can register when arriving to the casino to any of the 4 available timeslots, 12 people max. per session.

If you are still looking for a great Xmas gift for yourself or someone else, know that by attending the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to buy a slow juicer (Jazz Max) with a special discount !

PS: registration is for free, you do need to buy your ticket for access to the general event via the website of Viage Casino.


Offer yourself a healthy lifestyle with a Jazz Max juicer

JAZZ MAXSeasons are changing and the temperature is going down , more and more people are catching colds. We all need to nourish ourselves well to protect against viruses and colds. This includes eating at least the 5 suggested portions of fruits and vegetables every day. But it would be even better to take more than that (preferably organic produce). This is especially valid for kids, pregnant ladies and elderly people who might have a more fragile immune system.

There’s an easy solution to obtain your daily dose of vegetables & fruits: juicing

Actually, 800 grams of fresh vegetables would be the ideal daily quantity, and only one glass of you fresh juice already gives you 250 grams worth of vegetables. When you juice, you hydrate, mineralize and detoxify your organism. It’s the easy way (back) to health. Vegetable juice is very easy on the digestive system, as the fibers have been taken out; nutrients are transported directly to your cells. So especially if you are tired or stressed and don’t have a lot of time, then juicing is the answer for you!

So what more do you need to know? Invest in your health and buy yourself the best gift ever: a juicer. I highly recommend the JazzMax slowjuicer that I use myself and that I also sell as a distributor for the brand. This juicer preserves a maximum of nutrients as it slowly extracts the juice from the fibers; the remaining pulp is very dry. You can store your juice in a Mason jar or glass bottle in the fridge and it should keep for 48 hours (however, I still drink it after 4 days sometimes). Besides making juice, your JazzMax juicer also makes: pesto, sorbet , vegetable spreads, humus, seed & nut butter & oils, tapenade. Some of my favorite recipes: kale pesto, parsley pesto, juices. So besides being able to make so much great food and drinks with your juicer, you’ll be saving lots of money on buying juices on the go.

  • Feel free Contact me for more information or a demonstration.

Quotes from a customer:
Valeriya: “The JazzMax is much more than I expected. For example, I didn’t expect that the pulp could be used in various dishes. And when my blender doesn’t work for a certain preparation, I use the JazzMax as it’s so powerful in making tapenade and vegetables spreads. It has literally changed my life, I eat so much more vegetables, I also make curries and cookies from the pulp. When juicing, I’m already on a healthy vibe, so it’s a kind of meditation. Even my dog loves the vegetable pulp (not the ginger).

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Make your own juice, pesto & nut butters at home with your Jazz Max juicer

JAZZ MAXAbout 3 years ago I posted a blog the love for my juicer: Jazz Max.

I bought myself the great gift of a Jazz Max in the spring of 2012. The Jazz Max is a slow juicer that transforms any vegetable or hard fruit into a juice, it doesn’t warm up the ingredients and hence gets a maximum of nutrients out of your (organic) vegetables and fruits.

I still experiment with mostly local & seasonal vegetables and fruits that I happen to have in the house. As I only use organic fruits & veggies, all I need to do is wash them and them cut them into the right size to fit them in the juicer. I’ve surprised many visitors in the past years with my creations 🙂

raw vegan kale pestoThe Jazz Max juicer comes with two different heads, so besides juices, you can use it to make your own nut butter (cashew, almond, macadamia, …) after having soaked the nuts in filtered water overnight, as well as to make oils (almond), baby meals, pumpkin puree and much more. Furthermore, I make a mean parsley pesto, it’s simply divine with pasta.

Some of my favorites juice blends are:

  • carrot, apple, ginger
  • kale, celery, beetroot, carrot, ginger (apple: optional)
  • kale & pear
  • kohlrabi, beetroot, carrot, ginger
  • zucchini, kale, fresh turmeric

You can add hemp or flax seeds oil to your juices to get your daily dose of omega-3 fat.

As I got so many enthusiastic about the juices and the benefits, I recently started distributing the Jazz Max juicers. Contact me if you wish to get your own health machine at home. You will never buy another juice again, as your own creations are simply the best (and cheapest)! Order your Jazz Max through me and I’ll give you a personal workshop for free.

Some awesome recipes can be found here, here, here, here and here.

Recommended books: Crazy Sexy Diet, Superfoods, Green smoothie revolution & Becoming raw.