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My very first yoga video: Sun Salutations

Feel free practice your daily dose of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara) with the instructions in my video. There are 8 rounds (4 right, 4 left), and it lasts about 4 minutes, you can hit repeat so you do more rounds.

I sure hope you’ll like this tutorial and that it’ll motivate you to practice yoga daily.

PS: more videos of the different (12) asanas will follow soon too, so keep an eye on this blog and YouTube channel.

Om shanti -ॐ शान्ति


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2015 Brussels Yoga Mala : 108 Sun Salutations for charity

Om dear yogin,

yoga mala 2015Have you registered for the 2015 Brussels Yoga Mala yet?

Do (1 or more, up to ) 108 sun salutations to celebrate summer and raise funds for charity, on 13 June 2015 at the Autoworld Museum (Cinquantenaire). We’ll be a (hopefully) huge group of Brussels’ yogins creating beautiful energy for a local charity.

This year the donations will go to local charity “Serve the City Brussels“.

To register, follow these 2 simple steps:

  1. Pay your entrance fee to the autoworld (€2) + a minimum donation of €10 to this bank account: BE85 0357 3874 8506
  2. Send an email to Brussels Yoga Mala with your name and contact details.
    1. You will receive a confirmation by email.