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Wheel pose (Sanskrit: चक्रासन) is an advanced back bend. It requires muscle length & strength. It’ll give great flexibility to the spine.

This is an advanced pose. Don’t try this without the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

AmbikaYoga_58 BenefitsStrengthens and tones the back muscles, tones adrenals, helps kidneys, the front part of the body is being stretched entirely. The muscles on the front part of the thighs are stretched and the calves are strengthening while doing and holding the pose. 

Lie on your back with your knees bend and your knees & feet hip-width apart, hold your ankles. Breathe deeply and consciously.

Inhale and lift your hips up, the rest of your body stays on the mat.

Bring your hands next to your ears, your fingers point towards your shoulders. Inhale, push on your hands, lift your head and gently place the top of your head on the floor. Your elbows point backwards & your arms are bent.
! Do not put weight on your head !

On the next inhalation straighten your arms to lift your torso. Hold for a few breaths and then come out slowly by bending your arms, lowering the top of your head to the floor, bringing your hips down and lying back with your knees bent.

In the full pose you want to extend your arms & legs as much as possible, your feet are flat on the floor, the toes point forward, breathe with a full yogic breath.




Source: Sivananda & YogaAnatomy & Muscle & Motion yoga

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