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Yoga at your workplace

AmbikaAtWork_final_webPracticing yoga helps to relieve stress, bring focus to the mind, relax & energize the body.

Yoga at work is highly recommended to help you be more productive at work as well as saving time after work to spend with the people that are close to you or doing other activities.

A typical yoga at work class is 60 minutes. You simply bring comfortable sports clothes and a yoga mat or a big towel. The class encompasses initial relaxation, breathing exercises, warming up the body and several yoga postures (asanas) adapted to the workplace situation, you’ll end with a final relaxation to be completely energized to continue your day very efficiently.

If you are interested to organize yoga at work, here is what you should check/ keep in mind:

  1. Find out if there are colleagues that want to join in a (bi-)weekly yoga class. You can send out an e-mail
    or survey or hang up flyers in the cafeteria or near the coffee machine.
  2. Is there a space that can be used for the yoga class ( a meeting room, gym, …) ?
  3. Are yoga mats available at work or do the students need to bring their own mats?
  4. Is the facilities or HR department OK to (help) organize the yoga class?
  5. Who will pay the teacher? Is it the company or each individual participant? Bear in mind that there’ll be a fixed tariff for the (bi-)weekly yoga at work session.
  6. If you have the above sorted out, please contact me to organize a trial class to determine the actual interest.

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