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Vegan recipes

Ever since I became vegan I’ve been experimenting with cooking and baking and creating yummy food. As a yogini I mainly abstain from using non-sattvic ingredients such as garlic and onions in my recipes. I use asafoetida to create a garlic flavour in dishes when needed. On this blog you’ll find different types of recipes, most are for main dishes, but there are recipes for soups, cakes & breakfast as well.

I have a lot of inspirators, which you can read more about here.

Fresh juices
Yummy & healthy porridge

Cauliflower soup
Spicy winter soup
Brown lentil soup
Pumpkin carrot soup
Creamy sweet potato soup
Lentil pumpkin soup with quinoa
Mixed vegetable soup

Lunch/ Dinner
Beet humus
Raw kale pesto
Parsley pesto
Scrambled tofu
Roasted cauliflower
Eggplant-quinoa roast
Stuffed red bell peppers
Thai vegetable & tempeh curry
Gnocchi, spinach, mushrooms and soy cream from the oven
Gnocchi, eggplant, tempeh & mozzarella tomato sauce
Quinoa, lentils, cauliflower & tahini dressing
No crust quiche
Pasta alla norma
Homemade seitan
Wraps with chick’pieces, kale and sweet peas
Palava sauce
Eggplant, tofu and spinach lasagne
Purslane and green peas sauce
Tofu, spinach & green peas
Quick pasta dish with mushrooms, leek, cherry tomatoes
Salade liègoise
Hachis Parmentier
Ginger infused, stir fried noodles with broccoli & Swiss chard
Lentils with roasted veggies
Fast noodle soup
Leek & broccoli quiche

Sauce/ dressing
Pear dressing
Tahini dressing/ sauce

Snacks/ desserts
Spicy mango cake
Chocolat/ coconut haystacks (yogi times)
Kale crisps
Nice cream
Chocolate mousse
Frangipane pie


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