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Sivananda yoga retreat this summer

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Om yogis,

I feel lucky & blessed as this summer I’ll be spending 5 weeks in the lovely & secluded Sivananda  Ashram in Val Morin, Canada (Quebec). It’ll be my second time there after last year’s TTC experience. I’m very excited to go back and am much looking forward to the meditative flow, early morning meditation, asana classes in the sun on the platform, learning and sharing yoga knowledge, eating delicious sattvic food, quiet walks, chanting, meeting other yogis, sleeping in a tent (challenge!), being in nature, and much more good things. As my objective is to disconnect from the internet & connect to myself and to the yoga teachings, I won’t be sharing any posts, recipes, quotes or a newsletter from Ambika Yoga during this time.

Please continue your own practice, a little bit of Pranayama and yoga Asanas every day makes a world of difference to your day. Make it part of your daily routine to practice, you’ll see it’ll become easier every day to get up early and practice. Little by little you’ll make your yoga routine longer, you can add some (silent) meditation, some chanting, whatever works for you.

Looking forward to sharing some of my ashram experiences in my next newsletter (somewhere in August probably).

Om Shanti

Some impressions of my stay in the ashram in 2012

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